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Water Saving Ideas around the home
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There are some simple and effective ways in which to make your home more water efficient. Below are some suggestions that won’t cost a fortune but will produce some savings

Try to limit your shower to about five minutes

Fix leaky taps and hoses as soon as you find them. One drip every two seconds adds up to over 6 litres a day or 2,315 litres every year

Install a low-flow showerhead(s). Modern low-flow showerheads not only save water but are still great at distributing water to give you that wonderful shower experience. In many countries these low-flow shower heads are rated according to the volume of water they use. In countries such as Australia rebates can be claimed for the purchase of such water saving devices.

Reuse grey water from the house on the garden.

The following ideas are little more expensive, but still worth the investment;

Replace any older style single flush toilets with a dual flush cistern. In many places kits can be purchased to convert the older style single flush toilets into dual flush. In some situations you can achieve a 50% reduction in water used.

Use a front loading washing machine. Front loaders can use anywhere up to 40 per cent less water than the conventional top loaders.

Do you have any more water saving ideas? Share them with us and the rest of the world.