Home House Using rainwater to flush your loo
Using rainwater to flush your loo
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If you are not right into gardening, or do not want to go to the expense of fitting filters and pressure pumps to build an expensive rainwater system for your house, then try this. I have added several rainwater tanks to the property and am now collecting 160 litres of rainwater from my gutters for every 1ml of rain that falls. This is because I have a roof area of 160 square metres. I did not want to spend a lot of money on plumbing this rainwater into my toilet.

So just by spending about $30 on a long masonary bit to drill through my double brick exterior wall to near the toilet cystern, plus about $10 on a few copper fittings and connectors I was able to do my own plumbing job. I disconnect the mains water connection to the cystern completely after the first of the winter rains, connect the rainwater pipe to the cystern instead, and gravity feed is all that is required to flush the loo for more than six months of each year. No special valves are needed to protect the city's water from contaminated water since the two systems can never be connected at the same time. This saves me from wasting fully potable water, drawn from the city's reserves, on this simple, essential but water intensive task.


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