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Schools - Making them more eco friendly
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Schools should be treated in a similar way to our workplaces when it comes to making them more environmentally friendly.  They also present an excellent opportunity to showcase good practice to future generation.  Many projects can be implemented that will not only benefit the environment but also reduce costs. Some simple ideas you might like to trial in your school include:

Introduce school/class projects that require an audit of energy.  Students can conduct an energy audit which takes into consideration how energy and resources are used. This would include identifying the number of lights, power points and appliances; 

Have the students develop a list of how energy use can be reduced;

Use one of the many simple online carbon footprint calculators to help identify how much energy your school uses and the emissions it produces. The aim of this exercise will be to help students understand how they and the school are contributing to global warming;

Engage the students and let them take control through simple programs such as appointing energy monitors. The responsibilities of energy monitors would include making sure lights and appliances are switched off when not required; and

Investigate using GreenPower.  Many electricity utilities offer green Power which has been generated from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and water.

GreenHeart Education shows how greening school facilities contributes to transformative education for sustainability.