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Water Efficient Gardens
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The most important aspect to a water efficient garden is good garden design. The right garden design will depend a lot upon where you live, by taking into consideration your location and climate you can make smart plant selections. Couple this with water saving technologies and you can then enjoy a great garden all year round. Below are some general water saving tips for the garden;

Use plants that are native to your area.

Incorporate groupings of plants that have similar watering requirements.

Limit the amount of lawn and use a lawn type that is adapted and suitable for your climate.

Water the base of plants rather than their leaves. Dripper systems are great at delivering water in this manner.
Water your garden in the cool of the day (morning and evenings). If you are watering in the hot part of the day a lot of water will be lost via evaporate.

Give your garden and lawn a deep soaking as opposed to a short watering every day. This will allow water to penetrate deep into the soil and be retained for use by the plants. This will also encourage deep root growth.

Mulch your garden. This will reduce evaporation (particularly important during the summer months).
Look at investing in rainwater tanks to capture and then reuse the rain that falls on your property. Rainwater is the ideal water for your garden (no added chemicals)