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Holidays - Reduce your environmental impact
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Today with the rise of Eco Tourism it can be hard to determine what is truly environmentally friendly and what is just marketing. Below we have outlined a few simple ideas that will result in reducing some of environmental impact a holiday can have (without reducing the enjoyable holiday experience).

Ask questions of eco holiday home operators. Check to see how they deliver a more environmental friendly home (eg. Do they use high energy star appliances, do they use energy from green sources)
Resist the temptation to stray from designated walking tracks or boardwalks. These walking tracks and boardwalks have been designed for a purpose and by not using them you run the risk of damaging or destroying plant life and other creatures
Offset you air-flight travel with carbon credits. Many airlines are starting to offer carbon credits schemes to offset carbon emissions.
If possible walk instead of using the car or other forms of transport. The added advantage of walking is you get to see and enjoy a whole lot more of your holiday location.

Dispose of all rubbish in appropriate manner. In many situations this will mean carrying out all rubbish with you. The only thing you should leave behind is footprints.

If using a tour operator choose one that is environmentally concious. 

If diving or snorkelling ensure all your equipment is well secured so it won’t damage coral and other marine life.