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Making Love vs Environment - Is it sustainable?
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This is a fairly radical view point and one I do not subscribe to personally but it does pose some interesting questions.

Without doubt the majority of parents view their children as a wonderful blessing and joy. However there is small group of individuals who subscribe to the theory that children are in fact a threat to the future of our planet. Their view is based on the idea that each additional human being uses more of the planets limited resources such as food, water, fossil fuels and  trees and contributes additional greenhouse gases, rubbish and pollution. 

A slightly less controversial view point is that if we limited the number of children each family has then we also limit the negative impact on population growth and ultimately produce individuals that contribute to our the development of ecologically sustainable technologies and projects.

In the end despite the differing views I believe that if we invest in the environmental education of our children then rather than impacting negatively on the sustainability of our planet they will instead contribute to the long term health of planet earth.

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