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Energy Saving Ideas for the Office
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Below are some simple by effective ideas to help reduce the impact your office is having on the environment. 

Replace traditional incandescent light bulbs with CFL (compact fluorescent lights). In addition to reducing the lighting bill by up to 75% they also produce less heat than traditional light globes (so you have the added bonus of saving on cooling costs in the warmer months).

Switch off all non essential lights off after hours.

Switch off lights in areas such as the stationary or store rooms that are not occupied (look at investing in timer / motion light switches)

Use natural ventilation and fans where possible.

If air conditioning is used, make sure all windows and doors (where applicable) are closed in order to reduce the loss of heated or cooled air.

Switch off air conditioning after hours.

An average computer can use between 100-120W per hour. Up to half of this power consumption can be used by the monitor. To reduce this energy usage purchase energy efficient monitors and/or ensure your monitor are set to automatically hibernate if left on for more than 12 minutes.